Preparation for Placement Assessment Tool

Preparation for Placement Self Assessment Tool - background:

  1. Placements are a valuable opportunity - increasingly and more universally relevant as 'employability' becomes politically much more important in higher education
  2. Placements offer a whole new set of challenges for students and staff: we want students to do well, but we do not have the same control over their experience.
  3. Universities have made significant progress in supporting diversity following the Equality Act 2010, but managing inclusivity in placements is much more difficult.

What we set out to do

To create a self assessment tool that students complete prior to placement experience to reflect on their personal preparation and needs, in order to…

  • To facilitate reflective preparation for placement & PDP
  • To facilitate risk assessment & disclosure of impairment where appropriate
  • To identify strengths & issues in order to action plan

How we are doing it - the story so far…

We had funding from the ALPS network (Assessment and Learning in Placement Settings, and the University of Huddersfield Teaching and Learning Institute. ALPS focus is health and social care, the additional funding and support has meant we have been able to work across all disciplines.

We created a collaboration of students who we employ on a pay by the hour basis; full time computing students doing a sandwich year in our school plus colleagues with an interest in placements and/ or expertise in disability.

We have been designing and refining this self assessment tool since December 2012.

We have created a series of statements that the student self rates against. This leads to feedback including advice, guidance and analysis. Areas identified by students included finance, culture, personal needs, and impairment/ disability.

Who is it for?

Anyone who thinks they would find it useful.

  • The creative commons licence means we can copy it and give it to you
  • The web access is open to anyone to use and download their feedback
  • We will have an internal University of Huddersfield version.


Version one completed and loaded on the web for 1st September 2012. We will spend 2012/13 getting evaluation data with a view to uploading version 2 early summer 2013.


As more resources are made available we will add them here.

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