Preparation for Placement Assessment Tool

Preparation for Placement Self Assessment Tool - using the tool:

Anyone is free to use this tool. It is available for use in three formats. One is on our own system the others are freely available to you via creative commons:

1. An open access version is on the web at:

As a student you can complete the self assessment, getting customised feedback on your analysis.

  • There are resources discussing key issues students have identified in placement, an action plan and finance calculator.
  • The results can be downloaded as a PDF and printed or saved as part of your portfolio.
  • You can complete an action plan reflecting on the experience and planning for a successful placement
  • If you return and complete the self assessment again the feedback will give you a comparison with your previous assessment

If you do not want to complete the self assessment then you may just want to check out the resources – thinking about your preparation, planning your finances and your personal circumstances

As a tutor you might want to ask your students to self assess using the tool.

  • You could ask them to complete the tool and download it as part of preparation for placement
  • The action plan and resources could be used as a formative assessment exercise or to inform peer or personal tutor discussion
  • You could do this as a ‘before and after’ exercise, asking students to compare and reflect on their preparation and follow up.

2. We can give you a copy

We can give you a copy that you can use in your own institution – you could put this onto your own intranet for example. All the ideas above are the same, but you have the added opportunity to use your university student log in. This would allow you to use the administration functions to run simple reports.

Please note – this is intended to be a self assessment tool – it is not a calibrated research instrument, nor is it meant to be used for evaluation. However, when we were designing it we believed that asking students to self rate their preparation left us with an obligation to be aware of the results: for example a student who rates themselves to be very poorly prepared for placement could go unnoticed, despite having completed the self assessment. The reporting facility allows identification of such students who could then be offered targeted support.


As more resources are made available we will add them here.

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